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    “CSE has provided the Town of Ipswich with professional environmental services associated with releases of oil and hazardous materials at our DPW facility. CSE responded quickly to these releases and solved these problems according to DEP regulations and within budget.”

    - Armand Michaud, Department of Public Works – Town of Ipswich, MA

    “I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that it has been a pleasure to work with you and your staff. There was much apprehension in the community when we began removing municipal underground storage tanks. Many officials were alarmed by the time and expense this project would require. I found your genuine desire to expeditiously complete the project in a cost effective manner refreshing. It has been my experience that most consultants view municipal government as a perpetual and unlimited source of funding. I never felt that way working with Clean Soils.

    I welcome your candor and your drive to complete the task at hand. I would gladly consider your firm should we develop a need for similar services in the future.”

    - Todd H. Dresser, Environmental Engineer – Town of Burlington, MA

    “The Town recommends you and your firm, unequivocally, as a ‘world class’ environmental consultant. Not only do you have the qualifications, technical expertise and project management skills but have professionally performed to the best interests of your client consistent with state and local requirements.”

    - Larry Rittenberg, Assistant Town Administrator – Town of Burlington, MA

    “In 2010, Clean Soils Environmental, LTD. (CSE) assisted Sports Oil Corporation in finding an end point for one of our former service stations. After having other firms work on this difficult case for many years, CSE’s simple and logical solution was very much appreciated. Sports Oil Corporation is grateful for CSE’s professional assistance.”

    - Rhonda Zero, President – Sports Oil Corporation

    “Clean Soils Environmental, Ltd. (CSE) has assisted the First Ipswich Bank in evaluating complicated environmental issues surrounding real estate acquisitions in very timely and cost effective fashion. I look forward to conducting business with CSE in the future. Thanks for all your help!”

    - Lisa Brodeur, Vice President – First Ipswich Bank

    “Cura Emergency Services has worked with a number of Licensed Site Professionals with varying degrees of success, but we have always had positive experiences with Clean Soils. Clean Soils consistently works on behalf of the responsible party to achieve compliance in a reasonable, well documented, and financially responsible manner. In emergency response situations, trust in your partners is key, and we have faith that Clean Soils will deliver for our clients and represent our company in a professional and thoughtful manner.”

    - Chris Leney, Director of Operations – Cura Emergency Services