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Response Action Management

CSE is highly reputable when it comes to proper judgment and implementation of the MCP Regulatory Process and Standards during the direction and management of Response Actions for spill response and remediation of contamination. CSE directs and conducts a series of response actions including:

Preliminary Response Actions and Risk Reduction Measures

  • Immediate Reposes Actions
  • Requirements, Approvals, and Time Lines for Conducting Immediate Response Actions
  • Release Abatement Measures
  • Utility-related Abatement Measures
  • Phase I – Initial Site Investigation Report

Tier Classification and Response Action Deadlines

  • Tier Classification Process
  • Requirements for Tier Classified Disposal Sites
  • Public Involvement

Comprehensive Response Actions

  • Phase II – Comprehensive Site Assessment
  • Phase III – Identification, Evaluation and Selection of Comprehensive Remedial Action Alternatives
  • Feasibility Evaluations
  • Phase IV – Implementation of the Selected Comprehensive Remedial Alternative
  • Operation, Maintenance, and/or Monitoring of Comprehensive Response Actions

Risk Characterization

  • Receptor and Exposure Information
  • Identification of Site Groundwater and Soil Categories
  • Imminent Hazard Evaluations
  • Substantial Hazard Evaluations
  • Method 1, 2, and 3 Risk Characterizations

Response Action Outcomes

  • Permanent Solutions
  • Permanent Solution with Conditions
  • Temporary Solutions
  • Active Exposure Pathway Mitigation Measures
  • Background Levels of Oil and Hazardous Material
  • Implementation of Activity and Use Limitations

Cost Recovery

  • Recovery of Response Action Costs Incurred in Response Actions
  • Procedures for Liens
  • Petitions for Reimbursement of Incurred Costs