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Our Team

Clean Soils Environmental, Ltd. (CSE) is comprised of a highly qualified team of professionals including geologists, environmental scientists and field technicians specializing in a wide variety of environmental site assessments, remedial activities, permitting, and regulatory compliance. CSE believes that the success of a project depends upon fully understanding our client’s needs which is benefited by a high level of involvement by key senior personnel. This participation helps to facilitate good communication, focused efforts, and the attention to detail that our clients have come to appreciate. Our team’s flexibility and extensive consulting experience allows us to seamlessly integrate our staff with your project to quickly and efficiently to address an outstanding range of projects.

Meet Our Team

William H. Mitchell, Jr., LSP
President/LSP     Mr. Mitchell is the Co-founder and President of CSE as well as the registered Licensed Site Professional (LSP License # 1965) and Certified OSHA Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Supervisor. In addition, Mr. Mitchell holds a Certificate of Professional Achievement in Hazardous Waste Management from Northeastern University Center for Continuing Education and maintains a full membership with the Massachusetts LSP Association. Mr. Mitchell, who earned a B.S. degree in Geological Sciences from Salem State University, has held positions in the areas of oil and hazardous waste assessments and cleanups, oil and gas exploration, geology, and geophysics in both Massachusetts and Alaska. His wide range of environmental knowledge and experience bring an interdisciplinary approach to solving environmental problems. Mr. Mitchell is one of the few LSPs that still perform field services including cleanup oversight, collection of field data, management of laboratory data, and more.

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Kevin L. McAndrews
Project Manager, Geologist     Mr. McAndrews has been with CSE since 2012 after graduating from Salem State University (SSU) with a Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences, and was promoted to Project Manager in 2014. An aspiring Licensed Site Professional (LSP), Kevin leads the CSE team during environmental investigations and remedial projects in accordance with Massachusetts General Law c. 21E and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). His proficiencies include project coordination, developing conceptual site models and remedial action plans, directing immediate response actions for sudden releases of oil and hazardous materials, and providing real estate due diligence services including Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments consistent with ASTM standards. Kevin is responsible for providing clients all phases of environmental consulting from client consultation to project completion.  Also, he holds an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Pilot Certificate with a small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) rating, acting as the remote pilot-in-command for CSE’s drone, a DJI Mavic Air unit, for aerial surveillance during site activities.

Aerial Drone Services

CSE offers our clients Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) or ‘drone’ services to assess site locations quickly, cost effectively, and — most importantly — safely. We are fully insured and FAA Part 107 certified. We provide our clients aerial footage for marketing, mapping, inspection and data collection. We own a DJI Mavic Air and an Autel Robotics X-Star Premium, both drones are equipped with the latest camera technology offering 4k Ultra High-Definition and wide-angle lenses to capture the highest quality video and photos possible. We are constantly leveraging technology to provide our clients with better quality information while streamlining their processes.

We recently partnered with DroneDeploy a leading drone software platform for aerial site intelligence in real time for industries including Agriculture, Construction, Roofing & Insurance, Solar Energy, Surveying, Mining & Aggregates. With this program we can provide high quality orthomosaic maps with elevation data, volumetric calculations, 3D models and agricultural NDVI surveying for all levels of site planning and assessment.

With our drone technology, CSE can help with:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Aerial Inspections and Property Reconnaissance
  • Emergency Response for Hazmat Spills
  • Pre-Construction Site Planning and Design
  • Building Inspections and Roofing Insurance Claims
  • Geological Studies and Site Exploration Professional Aerial Photography Drone Pilot


John Erik Strom
Environmental Geologist     John Erik Strom is the newest member of our team and began working at CSE in September of 2019. A graduate of Salem State University (SSU), he holds a bachelor’s degree in Geological Sciences with a concentration in Marine Geology. Prior experiences include work with The National Science Foundation, The National Lacustrine Research Facility (LaCore), Salem Sound Coast Watch and the Peabody Essex Museum/Historic New England. Mr. Strom’s specific skillset includes soil sampling, sedimentary lab techniques, coring methods, use of ground penetrating radar, water quality monitoring, geophysical data collection/processing, report writing, and geologic mapping. John Erik’s work and relationships with clients and colleagues mirrors CSE’s high standards of honesty and integrity. He places great value on working together to achieve common goals in a structured and safety-minded manner.

Denise M. Prosser, MBA
Chief Financial Officer     Ms. Prosser is the Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer, and former President of CSE. Ms. Prosser holds a B.S. degree in Business Education and a Masters degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from New Hampshire College and has completed advanced coursework in the areas of environmental assessment and environmental law. In addition, she has studied oil and hazardous waste cleanup regulations in seminars sponsored by MassDEP. Ms. Prosser manages all the financial and operational aspects of business activities including planning and implementation of corporate growth and investment strategies.