Site Investigation and Remedial Technologies

CSE has the services to investigate, understand, and manage environmental risks. Our team of experienced geologists, environmental engineers, and scientists will develop the right scope of work to investigate existing or potential environmental concerns. We can perform investigations to determine the nature and extent of contamination in soil, groundwater, soil vapor/gas, indoor air, and surface water at your property. We have experience using the most up-to-date investigation and analytical methods, using flexible investigation methods and mobile laboratories when appropriate. CSE’s comprehensive testing and evaluation procedure gives our clients the necessary information to make thoughtful, prudent business decisions regarding site cleanup. CSE harmonizes cost-effective subsurface investigations with client-oriented remediation services. Our site investigation activities establish the nature and magnitude of impacts in the environment and determine the fate and transport of contaminants. Our geologists and environmental engineers evaluate subsurface conditions and recommend response strategies based on and consistent with planned land use. CSE takes pride in helping determine the client goals, defining the environmental problem, and developing a cost-efficient and effective solution. CSE utilizes many approaches to obtain case closure. In some cases, implementing a remediation system or excavation activities reduces existing contaminant concentrations to below applicable regulatory standards and allows for unconditional case closure. In other cases, CSE uses site-specific data to characterize risk and illustrate that case closure is warranted and further project expense is unnecessary.