Records Search with Risk Assessment

The Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA) is a more comprehensive desktop report that meets SBA Lender and Development Company Loan Programs (SOP 50 10 (5)) Requirements for environmental due diligence at low-risk properties. The Records Search and Risk Assessment involves:
  • Database search of federal, state, and local regulatory agencies
  • Historical record review (fire insurance maps and city directory) of the property and surrounding sites
  • Detailed review by an Environmental Professional, along with an environmental risk rating for your property
CSE’s experienced environmental professionals can provide an SBA-acceptable RSRA report that quickly and economically provides information needed to determine the environmental risks associated with a property, thereby streamlining the environmental due diligence process. If the RSRA determines that a Phase I ESA is necessary, CSE will apply 100% of the RSRA cost toward the Phase I ESA.