Our Mission

CSE is committed to providing professional, pragmatic, and cost-effective solutions to environmental and regulatory compliance challenges. CSE strives to reach this goal by retaining knowledgeable individuals with integrity to provide our clients with quality work, diligence, rapid responses, and creative solutions for difficult technical problems. CSE is an agile, responsive firm that can react immediately to the changing conditions and requirements of a project. Each member of our well-trained and experienced staff is a decision-maker so that clients do not have to wade through layers of bureaucracy for answers or accountability. At CSE, we do our utmost to educate our clients, which takes the uncertainty out of the assessment and cleanup process. CSE’s clients can expect practical solutions and honest, straightforward answers. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise as well as outstanding management practices, which result in cost efficiencies for our clients. In an industry where technology and regulations are constantly evolving, CSE is vigilant about maintaining the most advanced equipment, while requiring ongoing education for our staff in the latest tools, techniques, and regulations. We abide by all appropriate regulations and procedures mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to assure the safety and quality of our work.