About Clean Soils

Clean Soils Environmental, Ltd. (CSE) is a customer-focused environmental consulting company that specializes in Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services concerning the assessment, management, and remediation of oil and hazardous materials throughout Massachusetts and the New England region. Since 1989, we have provided cost-effective solutions to a wide range of environmental challenges in full compliance with all regulatory requirements. Our highly qualified, personable, and motivated staff collaborate with our clients to navigate the maze of State and Federal regulations in order to find innovative and cost-effective strategies oriented towards a permanent solution.
To provide the greatest degree of flexibility and personalized service, CSE regularly teams with other, well-respected, professional companies and experts to provide tailored solutions to a wide variety of environmental challenges. We contract with a variety of independent firms to provide a full suite of services. CSE succeeds in achieving regulatory compliance for its clients by taking the lead role in developing remedial goals and implementing closure strategies as the Project Manager and LSP, while coordinating and directing contractors who perform the specialized field tasks often required during assessment and remedial response actions. The result is a team of specialized professionals working together to provide our clients with options and cost-effective solutions to reduce environmental liabilities and achieve regulatory and business objectives in a timely and concise fashion. Our clients can rest assured that we conduct environmental investigations and remedial activities efficiently and at the lowest cost. By working with CSE, the client will get the personalized and rapid service that a smaller firm can deliver, while gaining access to specialized resources required for complex projects. Our clients cover a wide range of sectors including residential homeowners, commercial and industrial property owners, financial institutions, insurance companies, contractors, developers, trucking companies, engineering firms, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, municipalities, and state and federal agencies. Our projects range from small residential oil spills to widespread industrial facility cleanups. CSE understands that environmental problems are often unforeseen and are not the focus of your business or project. We take the time to educate our clients in order to guide you with informed solutions to environmental problems. CSE will serve as an advocate for our clients and negotiate with insurance companies, regulatory authorities, and the public. CSE’s opinions and recommendations are always clearly stated and are relied upon by mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and government agencies. Our work and relationships with clients, partners, and our own employees are based on exacting standards of safety, as well as personal, business, and professional honesty, integrity, and ethics. Doing business this way creates mutual trust. Relationships built on such solid foundations enable successful projects.